How can Dr Ruchi help you

Dr Ruchi believes in using “Food as Medicine’, to manage, treat or prevent nutrition related medical conditions.

Each of the packages listed below have been planned according to the specific requirements for the area that package is targeting.

Whichever package you may choose, Dr Ruchi will personally tailor your health program to your food preferences and health needs. No foods will be off-limits but you might need to keep portion sizes in check and reduce how often you eat certain foods. Do let her know about the changes you’re ready to make while also being honest about which changes are difficult for you.

She will carefully watch and guide you over a series of visits. She may also have a consultation with your spouse or family so that they understand the need to support you through the process.

Post Covid Care

This is a special health package dedicated only for COVID CARE – aimed at…
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Weight Management

Weight is just one of the parameters of health. Being overweight or underweight…
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Dietary Management of Clinical Conditions

We can advise you on the specific nutritional management of many health conditions.
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Holistic Health and Lifestyle

This program is meant for those who do not suffer from any pre-existing medical…
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Food Intolerances and Allergies

Physical reactions to certain foods are common, but most are caused by a food…
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Women’s Nutrition Management

Women have unique nutritional needs. By eating well at every stage of life…
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Kids Nutrition Management

Knowledge about right nutrition for children can help establish a foundation…
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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition plays a key role in optimising the benefits of physical…
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Nutrigenomics Diet Package

A promise of “personalized health”, where an individual is prescribed…
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Videos by Dr Ruchi

Managing side effects of covid vaccine

ur body undergoes a series of immune response, which includes both formation of antibodies…

Enjoy mango this summer without guilt or concern

Aam khana se pehle kya aap sochte hain ki – Weight gain ho jayega!…

NUTRIGENOMICS – A scientific field that combines nutrition and genes

In this video you will learn about this amazing, revolutionary field of nutrition that…

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DietCare Nutrition is a health clinic offering consultations, online also, to help tackle weight issues and health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid levels, PCOS etc. through scientific changes in food habits without pharmaceutical support.