Nutrigenomics Diet Package

A promise of “personalized health”, where an individual is prescribed a comprehensive diet plan based on the scientific knowledge of his or her genes.
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What is Nutrigenomics?

A promise of “personalized health”, where an individual is prescribed a comprehensive diet plan based on the scientific knowledge of his or her genes. This understanding of their genes helps to create a health plan based on the nutritional requirement and the nutritional status of the body.

These unique, customised plans can be used to prevent or cure chronic disease like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc.

Dr. Ruchi Goyal is a Nutrigenomics certified counsellor. She is also a biotechnologist and nutritional dietician. Due to her background and knowledge she is able to correlate your body needs with right foods like no other dietician can.

Reach out her at (+91) 98788-61860 for details.

Nutrigenomics explained by Dr. Ruchi Goyal

Why Nutrigenomics?


Nutrigenomics act as your very own ‘eyes inside the body.’


It takes into consideration the genes you were born with, the food you eat, its metabolism and your health


It provides insights about the workout and fitness regime that would work for your body.


There is no hit or trial method involved in arriving at your optimum diet plan. Nutrigenomics helps determine what food items and way of life is the best, for you.


Does not follow the age-old system where foods are considered good or bad for everyone. It helps determine how different foods may interact with your body to increase or decrease the risk of common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke and also some lifestyle diseases like hair fall and some skin conditions.


Every person is unique and reacts differently to the same diet and lifestyle habits.

Benefits of Nutrigenomics

Find reasons for stubborn weight

Sometimes, despite doing everything right and eating according to a plan, one does not tend to lose weight. This can be very frustrating as then one does not see a way forward. Through Nutrigenomics, the exact reasons and causes for excess weight can be analyzed and then a diet plan made keeping those aspects in mind.

Reveal food allergies like gluten and lactose intolerance

Nutrigenomics can reveal several health-related issues that can help you better understand what fuels your body and what doesn’t. If your body has certain undiagnosed food sensitive conditions or exhibits allergies to certain foods that you would never get to know through blood tests for example being lactose or gluten intolerant.

Design a customised diet based on your body genes

Genes control your metabolism and your body’s reaction to various foods. When one knows about his/her food or lifestyle-related genes then it helps us determine/design a diet that aligns with your genetic variants and body’s needs, making it easier to manage your weight and feel better from what you eat.

Get to know the exact supplements needed by your body

Helps determine the right supplements that your body needs rather than taking indiscriminately.

Helps determine right amount and kind of fats, carbohydrates and vitamin rich foods

Help you determine if you need to eat more healthy fats in your diet, reduce your carbohydrate intake or eat more foods rich in a particular vitamin. With a comprehensive view of your body’s needs, you can ensure you choose the right foods that help you feel energized, healthy and full.

The gene study is permanent and stays with you for your lifetime

The genes are what we are born with and not affected by environmental conditions or other factors. The gene study does not change as you age, unlike the medical parameters indicated by your blood tests. Therefore, the study and analysis of genes is beneficial in the long term.

Features of DCN gene-based diet plan


Unique and personalised


Helps to avoid unnecessary vitamins and supplements that genes show your body does not need


Correlates the changes in genes to your metabolic disorders/diseases


Unlocks the secrets to your health otherwise hidden in your blood reports


No hit and trial of which foods work for you or not


Effective from day one


Helps manage chronic medical conditions


Based on a study of your
own genes

How does Nutrigenomics based diet work?

How to take the test?

  Package Cost

Nutrigenomics Package + Test

    • Gene test + Rs 6,000/-(1 month)
    • Initial counselling regarding the type of gene test panel to be done.
    • Post-test counselling session and diet planning (Can be followed for the whole of your life)
    • Small diet plans
    • Extensive 7 meal plan per day
    • Complete guidance with blood work and supplements required as per medical conditions
    • Regular follow up with Dr. Ruchi Goyal, a certified Nutrigenomics Counsellor
“If you are looking for online consultation or have a query that needs to be resolved, Please write to us”