Traditional Whole Flour Laddoo

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We all have had the regular atta laddoo and the besan laddoo. What if, we were to give it a twist and make a unique combination of Whole Wheat alongwith Kala Chana flour rather than besan?

Well, the result is a yummy, more nutritious and a healthy laddoo in terms of proteins, minerals and fats.
The regular besan laddoo that you find in the market are made from the refined form of chana, so a lot of fiber is lost in the process. In this case, since whole flours are used, they become a rich source of complex carbohydrates.
It is a very healthy snack, keeping the changing weather in mind. Especially good for children, who need to maintain their body temperature. This is aided by the good fats present in the laddoo, from both the plant and animal sources.

  • Desi ghee, an animal source, is good for the heart and the body.
  • Nuts, a plant source, provide the essential oils.

The trend these days is to gift cakes, baked products and other confectionery items on festivities and other occassions too. In the process, we are forgetting that laddoo are a part of our tradition and diet for a reason. They provide wholesome nutrition.

Laddoo are also better than baked products as they do not contain any raising agents, preservatives or stabilizers. The ingredients themselves act as stabilizers and preservatives.

Laddoo are suitable for all age groups. Even a toddler of 6 months can be given a laddoo safely.

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