DCN Healthy Gift Hamper

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DietCare Nutrition is happy to present to you the unique and innovative ‘DCN Healthy Gift Hamper’. This hamper offers you healthy goodies that would set you in a different league altogether.

The main attraction of hamper are the specially curated ‘Amaranth/Rajgiri’ and the ‘Traditional Whole Flour’ laddoos by Dt.Ruchi Goyal. Alongwith, there are other offerings like the Wholesome seed mix, Powerpuffed Amaranth Mix, DCN Spices and Seed Tea.

Curated by Dt.Ruchi Goyal

  • Nutritious, wholesome set of goodies
  • Home made therefore no adulteration
  • Packed in beautiful glass jars
  • Customised according to your needs
  • Products also sold individually

Also, introducing for the first time the DCN Unprocessed oils like Flaxseed, Sesame/Til and Mustard. These oils are healthier options than the refined oils we are used to cook in.

The attraction of the hamper is not just the products but the elegant packaging that has been created keeping you in mind. Entire packaging is being offered in beautiful glass jars that can be proudly displayed on the table.

We shall be happy to customize the hamper according to your needs and budget.

Do not miss this opportunity to gift something that is personal and not the regular, run of the mill, picked from the shelf of a shop. Do place an order quickly to lay hands on them, by calling 95015 28302, 98788 61860

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