Rajgiri/Amaranth Atta Laddoo-Protein Rich

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For most of us , the name of amaranth or rajgiri laddoo, immediately flashes a memory of the light, puffed amaranth balls that we have been eating since childhood. However, the twist comes, when we were to ask you to imagine rajgiri FLOUR (atta) laddoos. What is that? Never heard about it! Is it actually possible! Where do we find it? Instead of an answer, one is bombarded with a volley of questions and exclamations marks. And there is skepticism too! The reactions as expected, are varied.

Well yes, amaranth atta laddoos are a reality and are probably yummier than the regular wheat (atta) laddoos, we are so used to having. Only that with time, we have stopped using this ingredient in our kitchens and have therefore lost the ability to innovate with it.

And since amaranth is an excellent source of protein, combining it with desi ghee, badaam (almonds) and desi shakkar makes it a delectable yet a healthy snack for the entire family, especially the kids. Obviously, moderation is the key. Just because they get our mouth watering, is no reason to gorge on them!

Desi shakkar added to them instead of the regular sugar, provides the much-needed iron and other minerals. These laddoos are gluten-free and would appeal to people suffering from gluten allergy, who otherwise are forced to forego a lot of regular grain flour based sweets, especially during festivals and family functions.

These flovourful balls are not something you find on the shelves of your regular mithaiwala. The recipe for these has been curated specially by Dt. Ruchi and you would need to pre-order to lay your hands on them. They would also make a unique, healthy gift for any occassion, setting you in a different league altogether.

These laddoos are being offered in three different packing options (The Premium Clip-On jar, simple and sweet Glass Jar and the economical Pouches) to suit your requirement.

Similarly, we have created Traditional Whole Flour Laddoos, Nourishing Sugarless Flax Seed Laddoos, Wholesome Seed Mix for snacking, Powerpuffed Amaranth Mix and have also introduced the unprocessed cooking oils like Mustard, Flaxseed, Sesame etc.

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