Turmeric Milk – Elixir to Good Health

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The oldest memory I have of having haldi doodh or turmeric milk, as we might want to call now, is whenever I had a bout of cold or injured myself. How I deteste d the ritual and would squirm at the mere thought of it. My mother’s advice would always fall on deaf ears. It was much later in life that I realized its immense benefits and the good it had done to me.

So here I share with you my mother’s insights and my own revelations related to turmeric and milk. Hopefully by the time you reach the end of the article,you too would be ready to embrace this age-old elixir on a regular basis.

Traditionally, the most common benefits attributed to turmeric consumption include strengthening of our immunity, internal healing, curing of wounds and reducing the joint pain. Personally, too, I can vouch for its efficacy and for many years now I prefer taking turmeric milk rather than any other medication for anyone suffering from cough, common cold or flu at home. It has never failed me.

Turmeric milk fastens the recovery from an injury. Most people have it especially after a physical trauma, sickness or surgery to speed up the healing process since it is a natural analgesic and has anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties.

It is the active ingredient, curcumin, found in turmeric that is responsible for the above. It therefore finds extensive usage in Ayurvedic medicines too.Curcumin is easily absorbed by the fat and the tissues of our body. Milk becomes a smooth medium through which curcumin travels.

Milk we all know strengthens bones. Combined with turmeric it provides additional benefits to bone health, especially for those suffering from disorders such as arthritis. Turmeric is known to help people suffering from joint pains.

Turmeric milk can treat diarrhea and indigestion by increasing the number of intestinal flora. This helps the system to digest food and withstand the digestive acids during weak or impaired conditions. For this, low fat cow milk must be used as high fat milk may aggravate the problem by irritating the digestive tract.

Turmeric milk is also a great way for general body detox. Taking turmeric milk daily can help in blood purification and liver detox.

Both milk and turmeric are anti-oxidants. Haldi doodh, helps fights the free radicals that damage our skin and make it lose its glow and elasticity.Topical application helps soothe skin inflammation while consumption in skin allergies and infections. So, turmeric milk is a natural beauty aid too!

My grandmother always insisted on adding a pinch of black pepper, freshly ground!,to our turmeric milk. Whenever I asked for an explanation, the only answer was “It is good for you”. So, I decided to discover the science behind it. Well, piperine which is the compound found in black pepper, heightens or enhances the viability and power of curcumin present in turmeric. It facilitates the absorption of curcumin by the body and also induces anti-inflammatory action.

For best results, to deal with acute or chronic conditions, wounds, bruises or preventive measures for every day health issues and beauty – take about 5 grams of turmeric with a glass of hot milk. This should be followed morning and evening regularly for a period of seven days to one month, depending on the type of alignment one is working on.

Turmeric milk which has been recommended by our grandmothers as a remedy for almost all possible ailments is now being adopted by the western world in an exotic form of ‘Turmeric Latte’. The world is embracing it as the ‘Magical Golden Drink’. And I,am on an uphill task of converting my children to it!

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