Sprouted Methi/Fenugreek

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Were you aware that Methi seeds can also be sprouted! Indeed, methi is a medicinal herb and its benefits increase when they are sprouted.


Benefits of Methi or Fenugreek

  • It is not only a rich source of vitamins and minerals but also of Iron (1 tbsp gives approx. 3.7 mg of iron). It also helps control diabetes and improve digestion.
  • Does wonders for arthritis patients.
  • Excellent for skin and hair health.
  • Especially beneficial for people who do workout, as it helps to reduce inflammation and soreness.
  • It has been long prescribed by grandmothers for lactating mothers as it helps induce and improve milk secretion.

Why sprout methi seeds?

  • Sprouting improves the taste.
  • It reduces the feeling of bloating and flatulence otherwise associated with having dry or powdered methi seeds.
  • The usage becomes versatile. It could then be added to soups, salads or ground alongwith the batter for chilla.

What Should be the dosage?

DCN recommends having 4-5 tbsp of sprouted methi seeds for a month. It would lead to a change in the heart, skin, hair health and sugar profile.


When methi seeds are taken in dry form either as whole or as a powder, they can lead to bloating or flatulence (feeling of gas in the stomach). It is therefore recommended to take them after soaking or sprouting.

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