Beetroot: Natural-Blood Cleanser

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Beetroot is considered a natural cleanser due to the action of compound Glutathiones present in it. It helps to remove toxins, heavy metals and waste from the body.

Beetroot also helps lower blood pressure and manage cholesterol levels. It is nutritionally high in Vitamin A and C, iron, folate, manganese and potassium.

It is also rich in nitrates that help in boosting energy and reducing inflammation in muscles.

DCN Dosage

One beetroot consumed daily for 30 days regularly gives significant results for people suffering from heart diseases.


One should avoid overcooking of beetroot as it destroys the various vitamins. The duration of cooking can be reduced by boiling in the pressure cooker. Steaming is also a good option as it enhances the texture and flavour. It also helps retain Vitamin A which is fat soluble and less sensitive to heat.

Word of caution

People suffering from kidney disorders should be careful about adding beetroot to their diet. Also, it is normal for the colour of stools and urine to change on consumption of beetroot, it should not be a cause of panic or anxiety.

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