How to prepare Hung Curd

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Hung curd is a curd whose whey (liquid part) has been drained completely. It is a rich source of calcium and is low in fat. Hung curd is a healthy home grown solution for making salads, dips, raitas, dressings and marinating of food.


  • Fresh curd
  • 1 deep bowl
  • 1 fine strainer/sieve
  • A muslin/fine cotton cloth

  • Take a deep bowl
  • Place a fine sieve or a strainer on it. Line it with muslin or cotton cloth in case the sieve has big holes.
  • This prevents the curd from flowing down.
  • Pour the curd into this.
  • Let this stand for the next 4-5 hours. Keep turning it very softly, with a spoon, so that whey separates faster.
  • The whey shall get collected in the bowl beneath.
  • Once the hung curd is ready, keep it aside in a bowl for further use.
  • You may add salt, black pepper, oregano and fresh coriander to it for seasoning.


  • You can keep this bowl and strainer in the fridge, because hanging it outside in the hot climate would make it go sour. If you are residing in colder regions, you may keep it outside too.
  • Do keep a bowl below the muslin cloth to collect the whey. This is rich in nutrients and can be used in place of water for kneading the dough, cooking rice, dal or any gravy.
  • Usually, hung curd is ready in 4-5 hours but if you are looking for a thicker, creamier version, then let it hang for 10-12 hours.

You are welcome to check out our recipe section for hung curd preparations.

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