Benefits of Vitamin B12

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One of the most basic things that Vitamin B12 does in your body is to help it grow, by assisting in production of new red blood cells and nerve cells, as you develop and get older. Besides taking care of the body’s growth, it also helps a person to stay sharp and fight off several diseases. Vitamin B12 benefits our mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin and hair. It also takes care of our digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Here, we have elucidated the benefits of Vitamin B12 in detail for you –

General Well-Being of the Body

Boosts Energy Levels
If you find that you are always tired, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting enough Vitamin B12 in your diet. Along with the other B Vitamins, B12 is known for its ability to keep you alert and feeling energized.

Takes Care of the Brain and the Nervous System
Vitamin B12 helps prevent what is known as “brain shrinkage”, which can lead to conditions like dementia when a person grows old. Vitamin B12 can also improve one’s mental capacity and help us stay emotionally stable. Another benefit of this vitamin is its ability to help in healthy regulation of the nervous system, including reducing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

It benefits the central nervous system in many important ways:

  • It helps maintain the health of the nerve cells
  • It helps form the “myelin sheath”, which acts as a protective covering of nerves.

Conversely, this means that when Vitamin B12 levels are low, almost every cognitive function can suffer.

Good for the Digestive System
Vitamin B12 is needed for digestive enzyme production. It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism and in breaking down foods within the stomach. It also helps foster healthy bacteria within the gut environment.

Prevention of Diseases

Protects Against Certain Cancers
Some preliminary research shows that Vitamin B12 benefits the immune system enough to potentially help prevent certain types of cancer, including cervical, prostate and colon cancer.

Protects Against Heart Disease
Our heart and the entire cardiovascular system needs Vitamin B12. One of its jobs is to remove a protein called homocysteine from the blood. If homocysteine is allowed to roam through blood, it damages our arteries leading to inflammation and heart disease.

Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
A deficiency of Vitamin B12 may cause various neurologic and psychiatric disturbances. Because of its role in nerve health and neurotransmitter signaling, Vitamin B12 benefits cognitive function and lowers the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Health and Beauty

Promotes Healthy Hair
Vitamin B12 is often added to hair products because of its ability to add shine and a healthy look. But would it not be better if we met the requirements through the foods we eat rather than rely on supplements? That way, hair will naturally grow as if one had used a topical treatment containing Vitamin B12. Eating more eggs, chicken, and various seafood is a way to consume higher levels of the vitamin, without having to buy expensive hair products.

Keeps Skin Healthy
Vitamin B12 is hugely beneficial for the skin, helping to repair skin cells and keep it looking its best. In combination with other vitamins of the B complex, Vitamin B12 can help in conditions ranging from dryness and redness to acne and other blemishes.

Protects Nails
Vitamin B12 is also responsible for nail health. If you’ve been complaining about the way your nails look, or that they’re not strong enough, you might benefit from increasing your Vitamin B12 intake.

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