Nutritious Navratri Plan

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DCN takes pride in presenting to you the ‘Nutritious Navratri Plan’, which has been specially curated by Dt. Ruchi Goyal. Care has been taken to keep the true essence and scientific principles behind Navratri fasting in place. It would help prepare our body for the upcoming change in season. The plan follows the four-pronged strategy –

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Complete nourishment with all the essential food elements
  • Right intake of foods, otherwise neglected, at the right time
  • Weight Management

For the first time the 8 day health plan includes curated DCN Health foods and recipes for Navratri.

  • DCN Sugarless Nourishing Laddoos
  • DCN Power Puffed Amaranth Mix
  • DCN Spices and Seeds Tea
  • DCN Flax Seed Chutney

Alongwith all the other ingredients in the plan.

This is a value-added service that has been introduced for our patrons, as an endeavor to be innovative and provide something new. It has been ensured that only the best quality ingredients are provided that provide wholesome nutrition to your body, even while fasting.

So, hurry and do sign before 18th of September. Call on 95015 28302, 98788 61860 or write to us at [email protected] for details.

Happy Fasting Healthy Feasting

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