HOLI – add colour to your food too!

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The colourful festival of Holi is just around the corner. The festival is all about over indulgence in terms of playing with colours, dancing through the day in the sun and feasting on sumptuous food.

But, all this binging can wreak havoc on our body systems. We would be able to enjoy this festival more if we kept a few things in mind. It will ensure that holi for us does not end in hangover, acidity, skin allergy and dehydration.

Bhang and gujia reign supreme on Holi day. To avoid the side effects of bhang, we should never have it on empty stomach and should not combine it with alcohol. We should keep the quantity in moderation as an overdose of bhang can increase our blood pressure, heart rate and sometimes cause nausea.

To keep dehydration at bay, we should keep drinking plenty of water and liquids in the form of coconut water, fruit and vegetables juices. You may also make strawberry smoothie or watermelon punch. The phytonutrients in them will help fight cold and cough infections caused by changing weather and even help to eliminate toxins from our body. These would also be helpful in case we inhale some colours or develop skin allergy.

Sweets and Indian festivals go hand in hand. While we should certainly enjoy them, we should try to consume them in limited quantities, so that the body does not feel heavy or bloated. A longside, we should try to have small fruits and salad snacks like colour punch salad, Refreshing Quinoa SaladQuinoa is rich in protein and will keep you full during the masti time while the fruits will help keep you hydrated and energetic. One must not forget to wash one’s hands before eating as ingesting even small amounts of colour can be very harmful.

Some herbs and fruits like mint, pomegranate, curry leaves, fresh coconut flesh and lemon grass will help us detox better. Add them to drinks to make them just as colourful as the festival.

Following these simple steps would ensure that we do not regret having indulged on Holi.
Have a happy and healthy HOLI!

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