Diet tips for Brides to be

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When it is time to plunge into a new life, brides experience a plethora of emotions. Couple with this the frenzied shopping and the stress to look their best on the D-Day. Managing all this ensures their schedules and routines go for a complete toss.

While the brides delve head on into various beauty regimes, they fail to realise that inner beauty, like the external one is just as important and it radiates on their face too. Building a good digestive system is important for the bride so that her gut can handle all that wedding planning stress, not to mention the food binging, post the wedding.

Follow these diet tips to stay on track to achieving an envious look from the glow within.

For Radiance

Our skin radiates our inner beauty. A healthy skin glows with health and grabs eye-balls. The bride needs to ensure that she is eating right for her skin.

We suggest that you have plenty of anti-oxidants from fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and green tea. They would help fight all the free radicals accumulated due to hectic lifestyle, stress and outside pollution.

Also, load up on omega-3-fatty acids from almonds. Seeds like pumpkin, sabja, sunflower and flax seeds help prevent a dull complexion.Vitamin E and omega factors nourish our skin and hair both.

For Supple Skin

Throughout the day, the would-be bride should keep her fluid intake high because the skin needs rehydration to look fresh and glowing. (Remember, dehydrated skin and dry skin are two different conditions: dehydrated skin needs moisture in terms of fluid and dry skin needs the right level of oil and sebum). Right diet is the only way to rehydrate the skin.

Brides should start their day with a glass of lukewarm water with a lemon and honeysqueezed in it or they can have vegetable juice in the morning.

Shopping is inevitable and would keep one away from home. During this time try andavoid caffeinated drinks, coffee, high calorie shakes and even packaged juices. Instead focus on having fresh juice (mention no sugar), buttermilk, green tea, coconut water or soups.If one can, then a good option would be to carry some herbal infusion like cinnamon and fennel along.

To Prevent Acne and Breakouts

Eat food with low glycemic index andnatural fiber and avoid fried foods, sugars as well as starches. As a bride, youwould anyways be loading on them post the wedding. High glycemic index foods are high on carbohydrates and worsen acne, aggravate rashes, tend to speed down the breakdown of collagen in the skin, cause bloating and get stored in the form of fat.

Always try and snack on whole fruits, fruit smoothies,roasted grains and millets. These can be easily packed while being on a shopping spree.

For Lustrous Hair

Brides should include a lot of proteins in her diet as hair is almost entirely made of them. Vegetarians should include lentils in the form of daals, rajma, chana, soyabean to their diet. Also add tofu, soymilk, mushrooms, seeds like chia, nuts, dairy and its products. They would stimulate hair growth and also prevent hair breakage. Non-vegetarians can have lean protein sources like chicken, fish and eggs.

Beta-carotene encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss. Dark green leafy veggies, carrots, pumpkin are important to be included in the diet. Broccoli, sweet potato is to increase your Vitamin A levels in diet. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. It also helps keep your blood vessels healthy, helps prevent hair breakage, and promotes hair growth.

For Healthy gut

Starting the day with a fruit provides the perfect ph to the system to aid digestion. Eat curd and drink fresh buttermilk. The probiotics would ensure that the stomach is happy even if you are binging at times. Fresh amla and aloe vera juice too are very useful.

For a toned look

Exercising is important. Start a few weeks before the big ceremony to achieve the desired results.During the entire hectic schedule try to stretch well in between or sneak out in the evening or morning for a jog.

Handling post wedding indulgences

As the lifestyle, environment and daily routine changes entirely post wedding, it is important that brides build their inner stamina from the beginning. Try and get a goodnight’s sleep and wake up early. Exercise a bit and allow time to relax, do yoga and meditate. Eat some dry fruits, roasted peanut and sprouts as evening snacks and detox by fasting, once a week.

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