Himalayan Pink Salt/Kala Namak

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Over the last few years, due to commercialization and marketing, we have become accustomed to using white table salt in our food. In fact, a lot of us would not even be aware of other forms of salt available in the market. However, traditionally, kala namak or Himalayan pink salt, had been the preferred form of salt due to various health reasons.

It is nutritionally better than table salt as it is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, copper and many other trace elements.

Rock salt is not processed and helps to maintain the body pH better. It is also a better electrolyte as it has low sodium chloride (80-85%) content than table salt (99.9%). A higher sodium salt, if consumed in high quantities, leads to high blood pressure and water retention in the long run.

Table salt is processed and bleached to give it a pristine white colour. Traces of the bleaching agent remain in the table salt.

I recommend the use of Himalayan pink salt for better digestion, maintaining body pH and reducing water retention. Athletes should also consume kala namak, as being a better electrolyte, it helps reduce muscle cramps.


You can continue to use the table salt for regular cooking to get the daily dose of iodine but use kala namak for salads, lassi, chaach, nimu paani, aam panna and other drinks. You get the best of both the worlds!

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